Sexual health in women over 40 – overlooked, under diagnosed and untreated?

THE JADE ROOM – starting the conversation
Every woman experiences her midlife years differently. The changes that occur during this period, including changes in sexual well-being, are typically caused by a mix of both menopause and aging, as well as by typical midlife stresses and demands.
Women in their midlife are often overlooked, under diagnosed and untreated by medical professional. Did you know….. Over 60% of menopausal women (aged between 40 and 65) experience problems with sex and sexual function that are directly related to their menopause; Only 25% of women experiencing these problems will discuss them with their doctor; Almost all women talking to their doctors about painful or difficult sex during menopause start the conversation themselves; <>
Come and chat to one of our female doctors about any issues you may be experiencing in relation to your midlife or menopause and your sexual well-being.