The Jade Room regeneration process involves an intra vaginal laser treatment which delivers a precise amount of heat to the vaginal walls and tissues. The treatment stimulates new collagen and elastic fibre production and improves blood flow. In addition, the Mona Lisa Touch CO2 fractionated laser stimulates new cell production, effectively increasing protein, fibre, water, and blood supply within connective tissue and restoring fullness, moisture and elasticity to surface and deep vaginal tissues.

Many of the symptoms of vaginal thinning and atrophy such as dryness, irritation, painful intercourse and fissuring, may be significantly reduced or even disappear with minimal treatment side effects or discomfort.

The treatment itself is 5 minutes of laser light applied to the vagina via an inserted probe. For most women, this is experienced as a sensation of slight warmth or vibration.

A complete course of treatment involves 3 separate laser treatments administered approximately 4-6 weeks apart. Although benefits may be felt after the first or second treatment, the full course of 3 treatments is required for optimal benefit. After 12 months, a further single top up treatment may be useful.

Treatment Cost

The Jade Room Laser Regeneration Treatment Package – $1,800.

The package comprises the full course of three laser treatments and includes an initial consultation with our women’s health doctor, who will conduct an examination and an assessment of your gynaecological history. During this first visit you will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with the doctor.

Introductory Offer – Single treatment

We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits and the effectiveness of our treatment. However, we do appreciate that the cost of the Treatment Package is a considerable outlay for most women. As an introduction to our treatment, we are offering the opportunity to purchase a single laser treatment at a cost of $650. This cost will then be deducted from the full package price at the time of booking the second and third appointments.

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