How The Jade Room is changing lives

“We are an all-female team and I think that really makes a difference,” explains registered nurse Sarah Korbel.

Sarah, together with Dr Sally Lyttleton, founded The Jade Room in 2017 to help women take control of their health through the use of fractional laser therapy. A big part of their mission is education and empowerment.

“It sounds corny, but we really believe in what we are trying to provide for women. Ultimately, we want to allow women to have a better life and be more informed,” explains Sarah.

And it’s this combination of education and effective treatment that underpins the Jade Room’s growing reputation in the field of women’s health.

“We can empathise with our patients,” explains Dr Sally. “And that’s because, whether through age or illness, we are the women who use this treatment; we understand the stress and trauma that the symptoms of menopause and stress incontinence can cause and how best to treat these and other related conditions.”

But empathy is not the only way that the team behind The Jade Room is helping to change women’s lives.

They provide a safe and secure environment
The Jade Room clinic is located
within a medical centre and the treatment room is quiet, private and inviting. No hospital visit is required and a qualified female doctor can administer treatment the same day.

They offer a complimentary consultation
All appointments begin with a free, no obligation consultation with one of the clinic’s doctors. The purpose of the consultation is to determine a patient’s specific needs and confirm if the treatment is a suitable next step.

They empower women to take charge of their own health
Part of the reason why The Jade Room was founded, was to inform and educate women to take charge of their own health. Many women have little or no understanding of menopause, the likely symptoms or the treatments available. Moreover, women are likely to suffer in silence from the pain and discomfort of vaginal, vulval and related conditions, rather than seeking help or discussing their condition. The Jade Room aims to help women take action to start the conversation and address their health concerns.

They successfully treat a range of conditions
With a focus on education, The Jade Room has seen dramatic improvements with their clients’ vaginal health. Patients include women experiencing the effects of menopause and post-cancer treatment, stress incontinence and post-baby vaginal wall weakening.


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