Most women experience a slight sensation of warmth and vibration. In the event of any pain, particularly around the outside of the vulva, topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) can be applied.

The treatment takes around 5-10 minutes.

Most women feel some benefit after the first and second treatments. Optimum benefit will be experienced after the full course of three treatments, applied four to six weeks apart.

The benefits of the treatment should last for up to a year after which a single top up treatment is recommended.

This is a thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal wall due to your body having less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy can make intercourse painful and can lead to other genito-urinary conditions.

Yes, the Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser treatment can alleviate and may eliminate stress incontinence.

We advise you to wait until around four months post treatment, but an assessment of this will be done on an individual basis.

In healthy patients, the Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment has no side effects.

We recommend avoiding sexual intercourse, swimming and baths for 5 days following the treatment.

No, it depends on your symptoms. Our team will chat to you and work put if our laser is the right treatment course for your individual needs.

If you have ever had herpes virus in the genital region you will be prescribed antiviral medication to be taken in the days following each treatment.

No. To optimise the effectiveness of the treatment, it should be done at a time when you are not menstruating.

No, the treatment is not recommended for pregnant or post-partum women.

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