Our Philosophy

When we all came together, The Jade Room Team knew that our philosophy was not about the cosmetic or the superficial; it was not about how things looked from the outside or about masking pain or distress

Our philosophy is to improve and inform the lives of women.

Improving quality; quality of health and quality of life for women, particularly during periods of change. We believe our treatments materially improve many of the conditions and symptoms that women may experience throughout their lives, including during menopause, after childbirth, or after cancer treatment or surgery.

Informing women; providing the knowledge and information that women need to understand their changing health, to understand the range of treatments and solutions available, and to make the choices best suited to them.

At The Jade Room, we provide a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for women. The Jade Room staff are all women, they are all medical professionals and each has an extensive background in women’s health. We understand the challenges you are facing. Whether you are suffering from vaginal dryness, reduced libido, pain during intercourse, stress incontinence or any other symptoms that you would like to discuss, we will support and advise you and work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to you.   

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